Jack Macklin is a Guitarist, Composer, and educator based in Chicago, IL. His music draws from a variety of traditions, bringing together forward thinking with an emphasis on improvisation. Jack began playing the the Guitar at age 8, and studied jazz and improvisation from Chicago-based guitarist Larry Brown Jr. Jack is currently pursuing a jazz performance degree from DePaul University, where he is mentored by Michale Allemana, Scott Hesse, Bob Palmieri, Typhanie Monique, and Dana Hall. Jack continually interacts with Chicago's best musicians by staying invested in the music community.

   Jack has played notable venues in Chicago such as, The Hungry Brain, The Whistler, Andy's Jazz Club, and Cafe Mustache. His experience working with admired musicians from many different traditions has made him an interactive, and versatile musician who is finding his distinct musical voice.

   Jack performs regularly with his trio/quartet, simply named the Jack Macklin Trio/quarter. He runs a bass-less trio entitled GARY, and works regularly with song writer and Vocalist Kellen Campbell.

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Gary is a bassless jazz/experimental trio with the intentions of pushing the boundaries of improvised music and connecting with audiences’ emotions. Founded in Chicago by Guitarist Jack Macklin in 2018, Gary consists of Connor Mannebach on Keyboard, Jeremy Benshish on Drums and Cymbals, and Jack Macklin on Guitar. Drawing inspiration from jazz artists like Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock as well as hip hop artists such as noname and D’Angelo, Gary brings a fresh original perspective to Chicago’s most cutting edge modern music. All members of Gary currently attend DePaul University’s School of Music and work with prominent musicians on the Chicago scene.


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Jack Macklin and Kellen Cambell:


Guitarist Jack Macklin hails from St Charles and currently attends DePaul University School of Music.  He performs all around Chicagoland including places such as The Whistler, Andy’s Jazz Club, The Hungry Brain & The Drunken Bean Wine Bar. Jack is the founder of the band, GARY, a Bass-less jazz/experimental trio with the intentions of pushing the boundaries of improvised music and creating a good vibe.


Jazz and R&B singer Kellen Campbell is from New York, but has spent much of his life living in Chicago. After playing jazz piano in small group settings during his formative years, he began to pursue vocal music and received training in classical and operatic technique. Under the guidance of renowned jazz vocalist Typhanie Monique, he performs regularly in a duo with guitarist Jack Macklin, while writing and composing R&B for a debut album release this coming June.